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By Oliver Smith, Kaitlyn

Project blogs for everyone!

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Welcome to devlogs.io!

The initial commit for this project was on January 20, and now almost six months later I'm finally eating my own dogfood1.

This site is for trying to get other people excited about what you're excited about. I wanted to make it because I'm always working on various side projects (and so are most of my friends), but I wait too long to ever show them to anyone. It sucks to do that because you miss out on tons of opportunities for feedback, and then the final result suffers. It's also a bad idea to wait until the last minute to do any marketing. I think a lot of content creators are not comfortable with self-promotion, but just writing a few notes about some work you just did doesn't feel like self-promotion, and it can be really fun and inspiring for others to read.

So, this site lets you easily create a blog for your project with a convenient "about" page and a place for an ongoing discussion. If you have multiple projects, make multiple blogs. My hope is that if enough content creators come here then everybody's projects will improve and more productivity will happen.

That said, the site is not actually ready for anybody to use. It's not even a minimum viable product yet and lots of things are broken. I'll write more posts on the way to that first goal.

To share a little technical info, this site uses Django on the backend, Foundation and jQuery on the front end, and as of last night is hosted on Heroku. This is my first time with Django so I definitely made some time-consuming mistakes and will probably make some more, but overall I'm pretty happy with the stack.

  1. According to the Wikipedia article, there was a dogfood company president who supposedly did eat a can at shareholder meetings.