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Commando shoot 'em up

By Jack Meade, Oliver Smith

Getting back to basics.

25% complete
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Basic weapons

I haven't found a great way to organize stuff like this in Unity. Right now I've got a lot of what feels like copy/paste going on - bullet animations, animation controllers, gun animations and controllers, etc, etc. I'm using animation override controllers but honestly they don't make it a lot easier, and in some ways they make things more confusing, especially when an override needs to have a slightly different state than its base controller. Not being able to use nested prefabs is also a continuing problem. I think I'm in a valley of confusion with Unity where I know enough to get stuff done but I haven't quite figured out a lot of the best practices yet. Part of the issue is that most of the stuff I've worked on previously was really code-heavy (because procedural generation tends to be that way) and now I'm trying to do as much as possible in the editor, which is a little different.

Anyway, progress!