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Amazon Echo Hacking

By Oliver Smith

I wrote a few apps for my Amazon Echo.

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Did Rdio integration too!

Spotify was not working very well - the search api did not have a fuzzy matcher and you couldn't play a song if one was already playing. Rdio fixes both of those problems - I can say "play maneater by hall and oates" and it finds the right one, or "play in rainbows" (which is an album that Spotify also does not have) and it knows to play the whole album without me having to specify. So far, so good! The only problem is that I can't get Echo to recognize the word "Rdio". I tried all sorts of permutations like "R D O" and "Arr Dee Oh" but nothing works. So I just have to say "Alexa, open music and play regulate by nate dogg and warren g" instead (since that is all I really want to hear).