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Amazon Echo Hacking

By Oliver Smith

I wrote a few apps for my Amazon Echo.

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The NDA seems to have been lifted

Amazon just released the Alexa Skills Kit publicly and I can find other people on the web saying the NDA has been lifted (as well as other posts/videos talking about the SDK), so I guess it's ok to make this public now. I haven't looked at the Echo SDK for a while now but it seems like they might have improved the way you can specify utterances, so maybe my old "take keys" issue is fixed. Actually, it looks like somebody else in the forums managed to get Colossal Caves working. The way you talk to apps has been updated so you can say "Alexa, ask X Y" (as per my suggestion in the forums, although I'm sure a bunch of people requested the same thing). That means my Rdio/Spotify hacks might be a little nicer to use too. If I get bored I'll play around with the SDK changes but for now I haven't been using Echo very much.