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The Most Dangerous Game

By Lifeformed, Jack Meade, Oliver Smith

Our April 2015 Ludum Dare entry!

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Here's some captures from just now - after Ludum Dare we spent some more time working on the game so we could show it off with some other PIGSquad developers at an Intel conference. Mainly we added a bunch of unnecessarily gross blood, screen zoom/shake, and status effects like "Poisoned!" and "Rabies!" (rabies is actually a power-up in the game and just makes you faster). We worked super hard to get it ready to the point where I was programming in the car on the way there. Unfortunately we didn't get a lot of visitors because our room was sort of far away and nobody knew we were there, but it was worth the trip anyway because we played a bunch of Portland-made games like Hard Lander and Zero Zen (both really addictive local 4-player games), as well as a very promising work-in-progress game called Super Splataclysm in which you run around chopping pixellated heads off.

Anyway, screenies (this is just me messing around so the other characters just stand there):

I am really happy with the way animals move in this game (which was all the work of Jack & Terence). You can see a bunch of tearing of joints though - still not sure how to get Unity to stop doing that. Anyway, this game is pretty fun to just mess around in but I think it needs one or two more competitive elements to make it all it can be - currently it's just sort of a free-for-all. Not that it's a problem.