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TinderBox - Indie Arcade

By Lifeformed, Jack Meade, Oliver Smith

Indie Games for a quarter (of your eternal soul)

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Multiplayer Jam Update #1

It's so hot outside that our graphics card is overheating! Just kidding, it was actually overheating because there was a sticker on the GPU and the fan blades were stuck. Just one of the many problems we ran into/caused in the hours before the kickoff last night.

Thanks everyone who showed up at the Bye & Bye last night and indulged our attempt to be dramatic. The highlight for me was Yori getting Super Splataclysm running for the system in like 30 minutes:

So, the reason (besides info updates) that we are making everyone sign up for this site is because during the in-person jam at Centrl Office this weekend we want to have an interface for you to upload builds and have the system download/install them automatically. That's what I'm going to be game-jamming on in the next few days.

My current thinking is that if you create a project for your game on this site and tag it with "arcadejam" then I'll make the website detect that and give you some extra settings where you can upload your builds. That way you can also see what everyone is working on by browsing for that tag.

Other relevant news:

  1. This project's About page has important links/info/dates and we'll keep that updated.
  2. Please sign up for this weekend's in-person work session at Eventbrite!
  3. We added some important info to the API on GitHub - please re-read the page! In particular, the "Start" buttons on there were a mistake from a previous version and don't actually exist - maybe button 5 (the white one) would be good for that. There's also a picture showing which button/player is which.

Arcade Jam Pro Tip: If you're making a 4-player game, you could avoid making a character select screen by color-coding the characters as red, yellow, green and blue and then assigning that character to the joystick with that color.

Yeah! Pretty excited to see what everyone is working on.

(PS - I made a few new users follow this project because I realized we forgot to tell anyone to do that yesterday. :( I'm sorry if that is annoying. If you don't want any more emails just unfollow the project or yell at me and I'll do it for you.)