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TinderBox - Indie Arcade

By Lifeformed, Jack Meade, Oliver Smith

Indie Games for a quarter (of your eternal soul)

40% complete
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Jamming at Centrl Office

Hey everyone, we're at Centrl Office now! I'm still working on the game launcher but I am available whenever you want to test your game on the arcade, just come talk to me. There's now a game upload interface on this site. To use it, create a project for your game if you haven't already and in the project settings add the tag "arcadejam". After it saves there should be a TinderBox Uploader panel in your settings which is hopefully self-explanatory, but if you have trouble let me know. If you're in Unity, when you build your games for Linux make sure you set your resolution dialog to "disabled" in player settings.

Everyone's games will show up here if you want to check on progress.

PS: We got Samurai Gunn working on the arcade so we will probably be playing some of that in a bit!