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TinderBox - Indie Arcade

By Lifeformed, Jack Meade, Oliver Smith

Indie Games for a quarter (of your eternal soul)

40% complete
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It works!

We're packing up at Centrl and I am officially psyched about everyone's games - I feel like the jam is going really well and every game has been super fun to try out. We finally have the launcher working well - you can upload games and edit info in ProgFrog, and in the menu you just press a button to download or update. Ghostly Garden, WAP and 3720 all fit really well in an arcade setting so we played those a bunch in between bug fixes. I got to try early builds of Tank N Spank and Wrecking Brawl which are looking awesome and fit the theme of Aggro-Party well, and I think there are a few more to come too.

It sounds like we're tentatively going to do another in-person meetup at Lucky Lab on Wednesday so everyone can test on the machine before TechFest, but we'll let you know when there's more info!

In the uploader you can now enter a game description and credits, so please do that when you get a chance so there's info for people at TechFest!