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TinderBox - Indie Arcade

By Lifeformed, Jack Meade, Oliver Smith

Indie Games for a quarter (of your eternal soul)

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In-person testing session at Lucky Lab on Wednesday

Hey Summer Slow Jams 3 friends, we have confirmed for Lucky Lab on NW Quimby tomorrow (Wednesday) from 5-9pm. We'll be there with the TinderBox, come down and test your games before TechFest NW, or if you are not a jammer come down and marvel as professional game magicians create games before your very eyes! The Facebook event is here, I don't have any friends on there so hopefully everyone finds out about it. I made some pretty wild promises on the Slack chat about how there will be live kangaroos and that I'd give everyone who comes a billion dollars. But will I? You'll have to come to find out!

Last night Jack stained the shelf - I haven't seen it yet but in the picture it's looking 150% more proper: