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Rogue Mechs

By Michael Sanders

4 Player Brawler for the PIG Squad Game Jam

90% complete
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Game Jam Update #1

Alright, 12 hours into the game jam and I've got the beginnings of...something. The combined themes for the jam are "Multiplayer" and "Aggro-Party" so I've decided to go with a 4-Player Smash Bros style brawl fest with some additional elements I'll mention later to satisfy the "aggro" requirement.

I was unable to find an artist to pair with, so I decided I'd avoid the whole "animation" issue with the powers of math. Characters will basically just be 2-D ragdolls. This actually simplifies a couple issues and in the end should look pretty hilarious.

Even though the ragdolls will only really be there for animation not for the actual interaction and movement, they don't need to be perfect. But after spending hours stringing together a little model I couldn't help but wonder if the little guy would be able to stand on his own. He didn't do so great, but I couldn't help but root for him as he repeatedly smashed his face into the floor. Eventually giving up and breaking his own legs so he can do back flips instead. Follow your dreams little man.

  • August 12 at 10:08pm